Web Applications

After being in a radio show (german) about web browsers recently and reading all that hype about client side web applications, I got more and more thinking. I can’t see really the use case now and I wonder if I’m that alone with this opinion. But let me explain my thoughts on it. For now […]

One of my ideas became reality – without me: Port of the Processing language to JavaScript and Canvas

A couple of semesters ago, when i was still enrolled ad UdK I’ve had the idea of porting processing to javascript. I wanted to use SVG instead of canvas but at that time canvas wasn’t really that big. I’ve never had the time to pursue that idea because I was busy with lots of other […]


Flickr works as a community. You upload photos, people find them and ask you if they can use them. You get feedback without advertising them or something like that. Sometimes however people use your pictures without letting you know. This happens of course when you attach a proper license to your photos. This happened to […]