My favourite Ruby (on Rails) Books

I’ve read a couple of Ruby and Ruby on Rails books now and for those who wonder which book is right for them, I want to give recommendations. Ruby Books: My favourite ruby book is the “The Ruby Programming Language” from O’Reillys shelf. It is written by David Flanagan (author of Javascript, The Definitive Guide) […]

How to bind WEBrick to any IP address

I found several and somewhat complex solutions for this particular problem but actually it’s a no-brainer once you know. Simply type: hukl$ script/server -h => Booting Mongrel (use ‘script/server webrick’ to force WEBrick) Usage: server [options] -p, –port=port Runs Rails on the specified port. Default: 3000 -b, –binding=ip Binds Rails to the specified ip. Default: […]