Replacing the TouchMix DAW Utility

I’ve bought the QSC TouchMix 30 digital mixer a few years ago and I really like the device for many reasons. QSC’s software support isn’t one of them though.

The mixer allows you to record directly to a USB connected SSD (or fast USB Stick). It does so by putting the raw .wav files in a generic folder structure and saving a project xml file (project_name.tmRecord) that holds the track name / track number info as well as information about sections and markers.

To get the .wav files named after the track names in the mixer I’ve used QSC’s own tool called “TouchMix DAW Utility” which allows you to select source, destination, tracks to import and does the renaming of the .wav files according to the information in the .tmRecord file.

The tools was not update in years, it does not support dark mode, it is not apple silicone native and it copies the files rather slowly and sometimes even appears to be stalling.

Since I only record continuous sessions (full rehearsal room sessions) – I thought that it should be fairly simple to replace the sluggish and unmaintained tool with a simple shell script.

You can find the script on Github:

To use it, invoke it like this:

./ /path/to/project_name.tmRecord /path/to/destination/folder

If someone comes up with a more advanced version that properly deals with sub-regions and markers feel free to shoot me a PR.

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