Replacing the TouchMix DAW Utility

I’ve bought the QSC TouchMix 30 digital mixer a few years ago and I really like the device for many reasons. QSC’s software support isn’t one of them though. The mixer allows you to record directly to a USB connected SSD (or fast USB Stick). It does so by putting the raw .wav files in […]

How to install Photoview on FreeBSD

Intro Recently I was getting back into photography and as a result I was looking for a place to host my photos and share them with my friends without making them public to the whole world. Additionally I would like to see the photo’s EXIF information and other metadata. I do have an old flickr […]

How to Add Caching to Your Website

In this blog post I will describe how you can dramatically improve the performance of your PHP CMS website that you’ve hosted at a webspace provider, in this case Hosteurope. To achieve this I’m using nginx, haproxy, varnish, s3 and Cloudfront CDN. A friend of mine is selling her designer brides dresses on her website […]