How to install Photoview on FreeBSD

Intro Recently I was getting back into photography and as a result I was looking for a place to host my photos and share them with my friends without making them public to the whole world. Additionally I would like to see the photo’s EXIF information and other metadata. I do have an old flickr […]

Cheap and Good Photo / Video Lights

I started watching the videos of SpectreSoundStudios recently and one of the videos was about how Glenn (the host) is achieving the great video quality of his videos. The answer is of course daylight lamps with broad spectrum or a high CRI (color render index). The professional lights that fulfill these requirements are quite expensive […]


Flickr works as a community. You upload photos, people find them and ask you if they can use them. You get feedback without advertising them or something like that. Sometimes however people use your pictures without letting you know. This happens of course when you attach a proper license to your photos. This happened to […]

Demonstration: Freiheit statt Angst

Gestern fand in Berlin die Demonstration »Freiheit statt Angst« statt an der sich verschiedenste Organisationen beteiligten. Das Interesse der Bevölkerung war auch unerwartet groß. Laut Polizei waren es mehr als 8000 Demonstranten. Die Veranstalter sprachen von rund 15000 Menschen. Ich muss sagen, dass ich nicht ein regelmäßiger Demonstrationsbesucher bin, jedoch war es in diesem Fall […]