Orange Micro Terror

Last christmas I bought an Orange Micro Terror. First of all I always wanted to have an Orange amp and second of all I read and watched quite a lot of really positive reviews on the web. Best of all it is super affordable. Its been a source of constant joy for the last couple of months and I think for this kind of money you can hardly get any tube amp that is more awesome. You can even hook it up to a 4×12″ speaker cab! You won’t get clean tones in this scenario anymore but its definitely loud enough to play through a band rehearsal thanks to the 20W transistor output stage.

There is only one potential problem and that is the external power supply which is cheap china hardware. Mine induced a static hum into the amp which was super annoying. I wrote Orange an email and they’ve sent me a replacement unit free of charge which fixed the problem.

Eventhough I’m still quite an amateur on the guitar I made a short demonstration video attempting to show how versatile and good sounding this little metal box really is. It was also a good opportunity to test whether I could do similar gear review videos with my current setup. First conclusion: iPhone video autofocus is tricky – made the whole thing a bit blurry.

Demo of Orange Micro Terror through self made Cabinet from hukl on Vimeo.

The audio was not post processed. In the end I’m adding in the delay pedal.

As always I’m happy about any meaningful feedback.

The equipment:

13 thoughts on "Orange Micro Terror"

  1. Bernd says:

    I am not a guitarist or anything like that, but I must admit that it sounds very good :3

  2. Lucas says:


    Excellent construction!

    Your tutorial bring me courage to try to make one to me!

    Thanks and sorry about my english…

  3. Jon says:

    I saved your website address with your speaker cabinet build. I may try making one soon. WE moved from the Seattle/Tacoma area about two years ago, to the Big Island of Hawaii. I sold most of my stuff. I used to have a Univox all tube amp, and a 2×10″ speaker cabinet, which was an old converted Univox combo amp. It had two 10″ Jensen speakers and sounded great. I sold them. A spraker cab with two tens is still quite compact and light to carry.

  4. Alex says:

    Hi, schickes Video 🙂 Kommt mir das nur so vor oder hört sich die Paula gezerrt total matschig an? Irgendwie als ob da die Höhen rausgedreht sind.

    Und was mir auffällt, das sieht so aus als ob du dich teilweise beim spielen mit den Fingern an der Gitarre “festhältst”, bzw. dich aufstützt. Das ist eine ganz schlechte Angewohnheit und schränkt dich später massiv in der Beweglichkeit der Hand ein, am besten ganz schnell abgewöhnen, je länger so Technikfehler drin sind um so schwerer bekommt man die wieder weg 🙂

  5. Haktan says:

    I don’t know why a lot of people say that the clean sounds of the amp is not so successful with 4*12 cabinets or high volume. I also bought this amp and the first thing I did was to try it with a 4*12 cabinet. I set the gain to 9 o’clock, the volume to 12 and even more, and full volume on guitar. Result was quite sattisfying. And then I set the gain to 12 to have a little bit dirty sound, set the volume down for neck pickup and again I have a good clean sound without any sign of dirty sound. By the way I am using a les paul so my pickups are tend to make the sound dirtier compare to single pickups. So even in this conditions I have good cleans. I don’t know maybe I can not hear the small details but I tried the sounds with other people also and they are sharing the same opinion with me.

  6. Danno says:

    Great video and instructions on your building an amp (how I found this video.) I have the same guitar and love it, going to make some fun stuff soon! I actually found your website because I want to make a pedal board that looks like an amp head (I don’t like stomping on pedals and prefer toggle switches like rack mounts have) so searching for best amp building supplies. Definitely going to get some birch plywood as you suggested and see what happens.

  7. Matt says:

    Sweet dude. You convinced me to build my own cabinet. Thanks for the video!

  8. Matt Moreland says:

    Thanks for the helpful video. I will be making my own cabinet in the next few days.

  9. Mike in Az says:

    Excellent job on the cabinet and great video. I just bought the Orange Micro Dark version of this same amp and am also very impressed. I was originally going to go with the Orange 8″ cabinet that they market with this amp but after reading multiple posts saying this amp would be better with a 12″ speaker, I decided to look for a 12″ cab. I was considering buying one but anything decent would run $200-$300. You have inspired me to build my own 12″ cab like you did and maybe even a second one for a “micro stack” if all goes well. We have a store in town called Amplified Parts that sells all the pieces I will need to complete it. First step is to order a speaker so I have a Celestion Vintage 30 on the way which I think will sound awesome with this little screamer of an amp. I plan to use the same construction you did but I will attempt to cover with tolex and maybe some vintage grille cloth. construction starts next weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. hukl says:

      I’m glad it inspired you! This is why I post these kind of things from time to time 🙂 I wish you all the best for the project! Let me know how it turned out when you’re finished!

      1. Brad B says:

        What happened to the video? I’m in the same boat. I’ve had a huge amp forever and always wanted an Orange amp and fell in love with the micro terror idea.
        I’m building a cab and want to see your video.
        Have it anywhere?

        1. hukl says:

          I had to update the embedded video 🙂

  10. Jorge says:

    Man, you have my headphones, my amp and my looper. I think you also have my socks. Is this a bug in the matrix? Oh, and thank you for such a great tutorial!

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