3x3x3 LED Cube – Part #2

In the second post about the tiny 3x3x3 cube I want to present the second board which I made (actually my girlfriend made the first one). This board features a more advanced design than all the previous ones. The main difference to the other boards is that this one uses shift registers to switch the […]

3x3x3 LED Cube – Part #1

Until now I haven’t posted any schematics. This is because the cubes I’ve shown so far were too trivial. This also the case with this 3x3x3 LED cube and its board. As you can see it uses a lot of wires. 9 Wires for addressing the LEDs on a layer, 3 more wires for multiplexing […]

Arduino Quicky

There are many good websites about getting started with Arduino. Here are two of them: First of all the Arduino website itself which contains a lot of tutorials, reference documentation, schematics of the Arduino boards and more. http://www.arduino.cc/ The second resources is a tutorial PDF which is available for free and covering all the basics. http://www.earthshineelectronics.com/files/ASKManualRev4.pdf

Vive la résistance!

A short word on resistors. There are two common kinds available. The brown (carbon film) and the blue (metal film) ones. The metal film resistors are generally preferred for the following reasons: They have a smaller tolerance (1%) compared to the carbon film resistors (5-6%). That means that the actual resistance is very close to what it […]