Cheap and Good Photo / Video Lights

I started watching the videos of SpectreSoundStudios recently and one of the videos was about how Glenn (the host) is achieving the great video quality of his videos. The answer is of course daylight lamps with broad spectrum or a high CRI (color render index). The professional lights that fulfill these requirements are quite expensive which is why this video caught my attention.

The surprising part to me was that he was using good old fluorescent lamps which I remembered to be horrible because of flickering and rather poor CRIs but technology has advanced and there are now non flickering high CRI fluorescent lamps which are quite affordable. I found them on amazon Germany and ordered two for 50€ each.

The Philips TL-D Graphica 950 has a CRI of 95 (100 is the max)

Here is the video:

And here are the amazon Germany (affiliate) links in case you want to shop yourself:

Now that I have them myself I’m blown away how natural everything looks with them on. A brilliant tip!

4 thoughts on "Cheap and Good Photo / Video Lights"

  1. Tobias says:

    Thanks for sharing this idea 🙂 Currently I’m working with a cheap softbox ( ) and hope I can get better results with fluorescent lamps. Sounds really interesting.

    What were you using before buying these fluorescent lamps? What are you using for the light stand? The same PBL Pro Heavy Duty as the guy in the video mentioned?

  2. Frank says:

    Oder die Osram Biolux T8, gehen auch gut. Absolut Tageslichtgleich. Wir haben noch ein Gehäuse drumgebastelt:

    Was auch cool ist, sind die Vorschaltgeräte von OSRAM:

    (DALI) Mit einem kleinen Taster dazu, kann man die Röhren flickerfrei dimmen.

  3. Florian says:

    Wofür das Gehäuse wenn es auch billige Fassungen für 5€ im Baumsrkt gibt?

  4. harro says:

    schau Dir mal strobist guess the lighting und meinfoto an

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