Textpattern, my favourite CMS

I don’t know for sure if mentioned this before so I am going to write some words about my favourite Content Management System. The reason I like textpattern is its simplicity and its flexibility. You can do tons of stuff by combining small modules that are simple to use and to understand. It is well documented and very light-weighted. Best of all: It is free!

I tried dozens of CMS and most of them either had a lack of features or a GUI which wouldn’t allow you to control all the features easily. I was so glad to find textpattern although I think it isn’t suitable for large corporate websites. Anyway, so far nobody asked me to do a large corporate website and I think I wouldn’t like it either. With texpattern you don’t have to dig yourself through all the glory details to get it running but if you want to dig, play and customise it you can do it, most of the time without even seeing a piece of PHP code.

It works great for blogs or small to medium websites. There are tons of plugins, mods, tutorials, and themes available so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Thank you textpattern for saving time and aggravation!


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