Sorry, this seat is occupied – by Web 3.0

I just did my regular good-morning-rss-reading with a cup of fine black tea in my hand. In the »design« section of my RSS reader I found a great article on the A List Apart website. It is called: Web 3.0.

I think I give you the excerpt as well to tease you even more to read it, it goes like that:

»Web 2.0 is a fresh-faced starlet on the intertwingled longtail to the disruptive experience of tomorrow. Web 3.0 thinks you are so 2005.«

The article is a must-read for everyone interested in the current and upcoming webstandards. It is dealing so well with all this Web 2.0 hysteria by taking it apart and making a »little« fun of it, but in a very decent way.

Have fun reading!


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