FreeBSD: Authentication Error when fetching ports from github

For people who have the same problem: I have tried to install a port that fetches its source from github and it failed to fetch it. When I tried the fetch command manually for the given URL I saw the following error: fetch Certificate verification failed for /C=US/O=DigiCert Inc/ High Assurance EV CA-1 34380826280:error:14090086:SSL […]

Evaluating Online Backup Services

Backups, the everlasting topic. Years after several hard drive crashes, after manual backups and semi automatic backups I’m still thinking about the right solution. Current Setup Currently I’m using an USB / SATA adaptor to connect various hard drives without enclosure to my computer to run Time Machine semi automatic backups. With OS X 10.7 […]

Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcut for locking the screen

For years I’ve been searching for a keyboard shortcut that would instantly lock my screen / desktop. I’ve seen this on Linux window managers and something like this probably exists on every major operating system. My current workaround was to open, enable the menu bar icon in the preferences and click each time on […]

Your own “DNS server”

DNS is one of the key ingredients of the internet and the world wide web. Without it you would have to type long numbers into the browsers address bar instead of convenient domain names like Humans seem to remember words better than numbers. In that sense, DNS is like the internets “phonebook”. To look […]