Vive la résistance!

A short word on resistors. There are two common kinds available. The brown (carbon film) and the blue (metal film) ones. The metal film resistors are generally preferred for the following reasons: They have a smaller tolerance (1%) compared to the carbon film resistors (5-6%). That means that the actual resistance is very close to what it […]

But what parts are needed to get started?

After writing an introduction and posting the first cube its probably time to talk a bit about the necessary hardware. After months of fiddling around I take certain things for granted that were really difficult to figure out in the beginning. Therefor I will also talk about the necessary tools and materials starting with the […]


In the first post I said that building small LED cubes is reasonable easy. Without much prior experience we (my girlfriend and myself) built this small 2x2x2 cube. Its really tiny and the soldering is sloppy but it worked. Unfortunately I can’t find the board that belonged to the cube so I there is only […]