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After quitting this blog and saying goodbye to wordpress for a while I’m back. First I didn’t want to blog at all. Then I started an electronics blog on tumblr. Then I got very annoyed by tumblr. Now tumblr is down for more than 16h hours and I can’t stand it any longer. I was planning to write my own blog software but since this takes too much time than I can afford right now, I’ll use wordpress again. This will be only a temporary solution as wordpress is still very annoying itself (…but still less annoying than tumblr).

I found my old sql dumps but upgrading to the latest wordpress version and fixing all the encoding issues took two hours of my time. Luckily I found this post which solved the problem fast and easy.

Some things still need some adjustments like the theme and the search. Then the tumblr posts need to be migrated and I have to figure out the flattr setup for wordpress. Lets see how long that takes.

3 thoughts on "Back to self-hosted blogging"

  1. tralafiti says:

    the theme you are currently using looks amazing, could you provide the source? thanks

    1. hukl says:

      Actually its my rip off from a tumblr theme. I’m not really done as there are some ugly parts left but I will publish it soon.

  2. markus says:

    What about your old RSS feed. When will be a new on implemented on this site? Makes it quite easier to follow (when not using twitter or so).

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