I'm sick ! Time for blogging !

Nothing new there some might say but I’m serious – I caught a nasty cold with all its »glory« features. The good thing about that is the huge amount of time I’m able to spent for all kinds of things. This is my third day of feeling shitty and today is blogging day. Yesterday I crawled through my thousands of unread RSS messages so this first post will present the noteworthy ones.

Steve Balmer makes the start – after reading his interview one could hardly doubt that this mans psychological health is far beyond of being in danger.


After that I had to relax, luckily enough I found the Browser Graveyard. Sometimes even digg.com is worth a look. They have every fscking browser that ever saw the light of the day (well, CRT or TFT).


The next stop was »Pixel«. Pixel? Yes, I found it also via digg because somebody claimed it would be a »Photoshop Killer«. Usually such claims are a clear indicator that this is total bullshit. Well – and this was one of them. But there are interesting things about this tool. First of all it runs on nearly any OS you can imagine – really. It looks more like Photoshop than Gimp does and I felt more secure in guessing which button would do what. In the end though it was horribly slow, and I really didn’t even start to edit the 2,2 MB picture which I opened. So in terms of performance Gimp is ahead of Pixel – at least on OS X. Try the demo yourself:


The next one is for all the non-geeks out there. There are a couple of those reading my blog so I don’t want them to miss the very expensive cat toy I found a couple of days ago. Have fun:


Since I’m into photography I’m especially interested in concert photography which is why I found the following article especially interesting. Damn! I need money for the equipment he’s listing (which I wanted to buy anyway if I had the cash). Making money with photos is one of my many dreams – well in fact I already made money with taking photos but it wasn’t enough to pay for a camera …


If you’re interested in photography I might recommend the next site as well. It is called »One Picture A Day« but it looks like they can’t keep up with that claim. Some of the pictures are cool enough to not complain about it.


That’s it for now – I need breakfast.

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One thought on "I'm sick ! Time for blogging !"

  1. anet says:

    the good old english way to get rid of the flue: hot bourbon with ginger ale and 2 aspirin!

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