June is misc'ing

Damn, its june already. Time’s passing so fast these days. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !

I’m going to post about every day of june to keep track of all the things I managed to do in 30 days.

So today I’m going to Düsseldorf to support my friends who are playing a concert there. I will also take some photos I hope. The name of the band is »Quarter«, check out the website if you’re interested in britpop’ish music.

8 thoughts on "June is misc'ing"

  1. anet says:

    every month is passing by too fast. 42 days left of this semester. und wie war das konzert?

  2. noname says:

    hello mr. nice guy,
    so… how was d├╝sseldorf? I wanna tell you that I’m leaving germany the day after tomorrow. so we won’t see each other for weeks or maybe tomorrow? have a nice evening…

    miss secret secret

  3. hukl says:

    hello ms secret secret ~ i have no idea who you are hummm – reveal your identity now ! Please ?

    If you don’t know how – go http://hukl.smyck.org/projects/talk-or-walk/ and click on “contact” …

  4. noname says:

    oh! it’s a pity… I thought you could imagine who I am… but!? so! I don’t even think about lifting the veil of secrecy…

    am I a mean thing? but it’s exceting! isn’t it?

  5. hukl says:

    Hmm well, I guess I have no chance to find out unless you leave me a clue * you’re not going to italy by any chance, are you ?

  6. hukl says:

    leave me a message on my mobile phone – if you don’t have the number I have absolutley no idea who you are ­čśë

  7. noname says:

    you pretty fast, congratulations! I hope you are not disappointed, mhm? anyway…
    you wanna go by bike this night? through the city, the darkness and the garden offf … ahm … tsss …? you know what I mean! the garden of secrets maybe, not the sexual secrets!! so… meeting point is janowitzbr├╝cke (southside of the river) at one o’clock?! maybe see you soon…

  8. hukl says:

    right * see you at 1am jannowitzbr├╝cke * thank you ! ­čÖé

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