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A couple of weeks ago, when I was trying to redesign my site, I was trying to get some colors on my webpages since they always have been very minimalist and uncolored. But when it comes to my personal taste it is almost impossible to find colors that I really like. So I was googling around for help and I found Although I despise the writing because of its flickrness the website itself is useful and fun to play with. You upload a picture (maybe thats why its so flickry) and the website, well in fact the javascript, generates color schemes out of you pictures. You can let it randomly pick colors from the image or you can pick them by yourself. You can compose whole color schemes and save them with catchy tags like »fresh«, »ocean« or »vagina«. If you search for »fiat« you will find my scheme which I generated from a friends photo which showed an old Fiat at night. There are a lot more sites out there which provide help with your color schemes but non of them worked like for me.

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