YAJP – Yet Another Javascript Post

I just had to post this because I was trying for ten days to find this article again. You know what I mean, right? You know you found a webpage a week or two ago, you didn’t bookmark it, you’re not even sure if you browsed it with your newsreader, Firefox or something else. You don’t know how you found it and why. Somehow two weeks later you need this webpage again and you have no idea how to get it back. It is not in your browsers history anymore, its not in your delicous account and your search words for google are as general as »web, web 2.0, ajax, javascript, frameworks, browser, compatibility«. Through different combinations google threw finally the right URL on my screen – I had to search for »browser ajax framework compatibility«. Wasn’t too hard in the end but different combinations gave different results. I wasn’t even sure that I found it in the web. Therefore it deserves a trackback – just because I was so exited to find the link again. Maybe I should add it to delicious as well – just in case …


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