Getting proper unix user land tools on os x

Personally, I think the Mac OS X unix userland is rotten. There are apple tools mixed with some current unix tools and there are outdated unix tools like locate. Maybe you didn’t even notice that but locate for example doesn’t even know the -i option for case insensitive lookups in the locate.datbase. As usual, you […]

Cheating the hacker way

A couple of days ago I found this cute little game for OS X called »Chopper«. I played it several times but I couldn’t make it to the last level although I played it on »easy«. Since it is open source I thought I could compile it with more lives but unfortunetly it didn’t compile […]

How to bind WEBrick to any IP address

I found several and somewhat complex solutions for this particular problem but actually it’s a no-brainer once you know. Simply type: hukl$ script/server -h => Booting Mongrel (use ‘script/server webrick’ to force WEBrick) Usage: server [options] -p, –port=port Runs Rails on the specified port. Default: 3000 -b, –binding=ip Binds Rails to the specified ip. Default: […]

Groups in OS X

The last couple of days I tried to set up an old G4 with OS X 10.4 Tiger to work as a webserver. I didn’t want to run the apache / php that ships with Tiger because these versions are far behind the current versions. So I installed everything via macports which worked pretty smooth. […]