on IPv6

I’m pleased to announce that all web hosts running on this machine and especially in this jail are now serving content via IPv6. Please try to browse this blog via http://[2002:50ed:991c:50ed:c411::]/ to explicitly request the v6 version. Report any issues you might have.

2 thoughts on " on IPv6"

  1. Jan says:

    Seems to work with safari. But I’m not sure if safari is switching back to IPv4 when leaving your start page and browsing into the deep of the rest of your site.

    How can I check if Safari (on OS X 10.6.2) still uses IPv6.

    1. hukl says:

      Yeah I wish there was some kind of v6 indicator. There is this showIP plugin for Firefox but it isn’t reliable. Shows v4 when my web server logs show v6 connections.

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