Safari for Windows supports color profiles and remote execution

The good news is that Safari for Windows also supports color profiles which is a feature that no other browser has. This is really cool because when you post a picture to the internet, lets say with you cameras color profile attached, it looks very different than in Photoshop. This is because all the other browsers don’t understand those profiles and take sRGB as the default color space.

The bad news is that Safari for Windows already has a 0-Day Exploit. In fact it was posted only two hours after it was available. Personally, I don’t think it is that bad because Apple needs to have some training lessons in terms of secure code and dealing with exploits. I’m very curious how Apple will adopt to the new Windows user base which is a lot more experienced or even interested in finding such security issues.

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One thought on "Safari for Windows supports color profiles and remote execution"

  1. tino says:

    Bei der schlechten Qualität frage ich mich, ob es wirklich klug war, diese Version als public beta herauszubringen. Apple hat ein Image zu verlieren. Und wenn nichteinmal Bookmarking funktioniert oder selbst die Google-Startseite desaströs dargestellt wird, was soll man dann testen?

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