Praised be TextMate and its SVN bundle

It is really unbelievable. This tool is worth every cent. I know I wrote about my affection towards TextMate before but in this very moment I had to do it again because TextMate is replacing one tool after another. I have a subversion repository for my weirdweirdworld project. Usually I edit my HTML, CSS or Javascript files right on the server through transmit (another great tool) but that is only good for editing single files. When I work on RoR applications I prefer the project view of TextMate which isn’t available through a transmit SFTP session. This is why I check out the entire project to my local disk so I can run it in Locomotive. Afterwards I would commit back to the server on which I’d check out back to the real application.

I just discovered the subversion bundle in TextMate which provides most of the important subversion commands, only a mouse click or a keystroke away. It just suits all my subversion needs and it completes my OS X web coding set up.

The tools I’m using for all this Rails stuff are: Mac OS X, TextMate, Transmit, Firefox with Firebug *, SSH, YourSQL, SVN, Locomotive

* The new webkit Javascript debugger called »Drosera« also looks pretty promising but currently I can kill it debugging my wwworld script.

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