WordPress vs. Textpattern reloaded

A couple of weeks ago I said I left the wordpress world – well I’m back. It was a hard decision to go back to wordpress but I had to and here is why:

I still adore textpattern for its pretty php code, for its flexibility and its ease of use but it is more a CMS (Content Management System) than a blog software. The biggest problem is the lack of an XMLRPC or a definite Blog-Api. There are no trackbacks and technorati doesn’t like the TXP RSS Feed for weird reasons. Also, I’d like to have more then just two categories for an article and I want the option to use an editor like MarsEdit or Ecto for blogging. The wordpress blog experience is just way more comfortable. The TXP guys said that they might include a XMLRPC in the next major release as well as a Blog API like WordPress or Blogger so I will definitly check back on that. Until then, I’m back in the wordpress world.

This of course makes my effort of changing the whole website a little harder. I’m thinking of using wordpress for blogging and textpattern for the rest of the website. On April 1st I came to thing that wordpattern sounded like a good idea…

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  1. Markus Merz says:

    Well, I decided to use Textpattern (TXP) instead off WordPress (WP) because of the TXP ‘section’ feature. Yes and you are half right when saying that TXP is more like a CMS but right out of the box it’s also (!) a pretty good blog system. The flexibility TXP offers if you want to extend the structure of your website is simply said great.

    PS: I came from 25peeps …

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