Mac OS X on Intel

Yeah I know, this is a little late but I just browsed through the arstechnica website and found a very old article which reviewed the second »Developer Release of Mac OS X (DP2)«. The Review itself is really interesting but what struck me was the Epilogue which says on Tuesday, December 14, 1999: »The OpenStep APIs are cross platform. Mach is cross-platform. WebObjets is cross-platform. x86 builds of Rhapsody, Mac OS X Server, and Mac OS X inside Apple have been all but confirmed. Rumor has it that Apple routinely synchronizes all changes to Mac OS X across both PowerPC and x86 builds of the OS. Clearly, Apple’s choice of where to deploy its new operating system is not limited by the technology. If they decided to try releasing a version Mac OS X for x86 processors, it would be technologically within their means. But will they do it? I seriously doubt it. Still, it’s fun to look for cross-platform clues within Mac OS X DP2.« On the page they give some examples for several hints in the OS for its multi platform existance. So it shouldn’t have shocked anyone when Steve came up the stage to announce that Mac OS X had an existance on x86 eversince. I mean just the fact that NextStep ran on both could’ve given you that clue but still it was something like abortion being allowed by the pope himself to many of the mac-thusiasts. And by the way – I love arstechnica ! Also recommended:

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