Talk or Walk – First Contact

Since the project documentation is written in english and I have to write relating posts in the same language because I added a special Atom Feed to the page which only contains items of the category »talk-or-walk«. This way people can catch up with future developments.

Today I wrote e-mails to ThyssenKrupp, Schindler and Otis, three major companies of the elevator business. I asked them for technical information like how the controls of an elevator work and how i could manipulate them. I’m really curious if there will be an awnser but they all have departments in Berlin which means I can call them or even visit them. Otis is right around the corner of my appartment so if things get boring tomorrow I might just walk by for a chat.

So far I have no idea about elevators at all. Wikipedia of course is a good place to get some basic information but it’s not helping with my problem of actually controlling the elevator with my own hardware.

Well I think I will call them if I haven’t got any email by friday morning. Meanwhile I will try to get my friends together for a fake of the whole project as announced on the website -> demonstration. I’m really into this project!

Uhm and I really like the Elevator Paradox!

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