How to set up a basic HTTP API with Erlang in 10 Minutes

I have recorded a short screencast, demonstrating how easy it is to set up an Erlang application with a HTTP API using Test Driven Development. If you can’t see the embedded video go to vimeo directly: Make sure you have a recent version of erlang and rebar installed when trying it yourself. Get Erlang […]

Evaluating Online Backup Services

Backups, the everlasting topic. Years after several hard drive crashes, after manual backups and semi automatic backups I’m still thinking about the right solution. Current Setup Currently I’m using an USB / SATA adaptor to connect various hard drives without enclosure to my computer to run Time Machine semi automatic backups. With OS X 10.7 […]

Camel Case in MySQL Table Names is a Bad Idea

Today at work I encountered all kinds of “naming schemes” for MySQL tables and columns. Camel case table names in particular can cause serious pain because: Table names directly correspond to filenames on your hard drive There are tons of different filesystems and some of them are case insensitive. So if you develop on OS […]