Building My Own Custom Telecaster Guitar

I’ve been playing guitar for about five years at this point. I started on a Squier Classic Vibe 50’s Telecaster in butterscotch blonde which you can see on the picture. Over the first two of the past five years I’ve changed all parts of it except for the body. The next guitar was a Ray […]

Looking For A New Job

After working for the same company for over five years it is time to look for a new job. At my previous job I had the chance to work on seven different projects, some of them with millions of daily active users. I was responsible of designing, implementing and operating backend systems with stability, performance […]

Cleaned up my Pedal Board

Just a quick post about my pedal board before and after I cleaned it up. 3M Dual Lock tape helped to make this look flawless. Featuring: TC Electronic HOF Mini TC Electronic Flashback Boss TU-3 Lovepedal Staxmaster Lovepedal OD11 Maxon Tube Screamer SolidGoldFX Rosies Fuzz Just a quick post about my pedal board before and […]

How to build an electric guitar

After spending a lot of time learning to play the guitar I felt the urge to start building my own guitars. I saw a movie called »It might get loud« where Jack White is nailing a pickup to a plank of wood, hammers nails to hold the strings and jams along. It didn’t seem too […]